Some pictures of our buildings ! Check this out !

Posted April 19, 2010

We got an idea. Why wouldn’t we show you pictures of some buildings of the game?

One of the mines in Snatch. In this mine, you’ll find some ressources needed for the game. Gold, Silver, etc, that will depend of the type of the mine.

One of the mines that'll be in the game

Don’t forget, sometimes you’ll have to fight. What’s better than a rifle, a submachine gun or even a plasma gun to win the battles? You’ll find all of them and much more in the armories of the game.

One of the armory of the game.

You also probably now that you’ll be a part of the life of Snatch, and therefore, you can create your own environment and personnalize the buildings, with predefined templates or even ask for your custom buildings ! We don’t want to give too much details, be patient ! Here is an example of a very small change in the market.